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How much does a new driveway cost ?

When choosing a paving contractor be aware that you get what you pay for. This picture you see below is a subject to sub base failure and lack of compaction time spent. We at asphalt care have higher standards and only use virgin hot mix asphalt. Not recycled. The majority of todays paving contractors use recycled asphalt which in turn can offer you a better price and which starts to crack within 1 to 2 years. Also cheaper prices are subject to thin layed asphalt which breaks up and sub base is exposed under new asphalt in no time.

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Driveway. What type of asphalt should I be getting?

In order for us to understand which type of asphalt is suitable for your place, we need to establish what type of traffic will be using it. For basic car use, 3" of HL3- will be perfect.

How long will last? tips for hiring the right paving contractor for your project

Properly constructed and maintained asphalt driveway will last 20 to 30 years. Properly constructed is a big factor. Many times premature structural failures in driveways and parking lots are caused by low quality work and choosing the cheapest price and of course the wrong contractor

Multi purpose driveway that will stand to anything?

We suggest a thicker type of asphalt. This process is called heavy duty paving and consist of 4" of asphalt and paved in 2 layers. The first layer of asphalt which is called the base coat is paved with 2" of HL8 Road Base Asphalt. Than the top layer will is paved with 2" of HL3 which is a highway surface mix. Note: This is usually double the price as your basic (R&R) 

(R&R) Industry Standard. Your Basic driveway replacement.

Driveway Driveway Replacement Procedures:

Step 1: Remove Existing Asphalt & dispose.

Step 2: Check for soft spots, excavate & rebuild sub base with 3/4 crushed stone and compact. If required.

Step 3: Regrade existing sub base for proper drainage and compact. Additional 3/4 crushed stone is added for final grading if required. This takes care of low spots and wrong grades.

Step 4: Then we start with the paving process. We will repave the driveway with 3" of HL3-A compacted into approxiamtely 2" 1/2  Note: We only use 1 Virgin Mix Asphalt. Not recycled, which is used by todays most paving contractors.

How much does a new driveway cost ?

Note: Please follow these instructions before you call.

We base our paving prices on square feet.

How do you get the square feet of your asphalt drive?

Measure the lenght and width and times it.  The sum is your square feet. Then you times the sum by $3.50 a sqf. Then you will get the price on how much it will cost...

If your driveway is less then 10 feet wide, price will be $5.00 a square feet due to machine access.

If this fits your budjet, then give us a call and we will come over and finalize the job cost and details.

Note: Book with us and we will pay the taxes.


 We guarantee our paving services for 2 years.

Thats 1 year more than other paving contractors.



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tips on caring for new asphalt

At Asphalt Care & Paving Inc we beleive in higher standards which seperates us from the rest. We use haevy equipment and our staff have many years of experience.

Our Refferences speak for them selves. We dont get into price wars and competition. So if you are after  quality workmanship with and beleive in you get what you pay for then look no further. We strive on quality and neet work. Below will show you what to do before you call us. This will help you on job cost.            

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All you need to know about driveway paving and before we come  


How long will a new asphalt driveway or parking lot last?

A properly installed driveway should last 25-30 years, with adequate care and maintenance. Overlays (paving over existing asphalt) can be expected to last 10-15 years, depending on the condition of the original pavement.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

We provide you with an industry-leading two-year warranty on our materials and workmanship. Since word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising, we strive for customer satisfaction. Some companies will claim that if you do a good job, you don't need a warranty, but we believe customers are more comfortable knowing that they are taken care of in the unusual event that something does need to be addressed. Reputable companies are willing to stand behind their work and don't offer excuses as to why they won't.

What is the typical procedure for installing a driveway or parking lot?

Our crew will come in to do the prep work, which may involve just grading your existing gravel base or removing the old asphalt or even excavation of grass and dirt for the installation of gravel. The edges will be squared off and cleaned up, and the grade will be determined with a level and / or transit to ensure proper drainage. Once the gravel is leveled off, it is rolled for maximum compaction. We usually wait about a week before we do the paving, so that any settling of the base can be touched up before it leads to cracking or sinking of the asphalt. You are welcome to drive on the gravel between the time of the prep work and the paving. When the paving crew arrives, final grading will be done if necessary, and then the driveway will be paved with 2.5" average compacted hot mix asphalt (most parking lots are paved with 4" because of heavier vehicles and more traffic volume). The asphalt is rolled with a 4-ton vibratory roller for complete compaction and then "cold-rolled" with a smaller 1-ton roller for a smooth finish. When they leave, the crew will put caution tape across the end of the drive to prevent accidental driving on the asphalt.

What do I need to do when you come to do the paving?

If the asphalt comes right up to the garage, the paving crew will need to be able to access the first 10 feet inside the garage so the roller can create a smooth transition between the garage floor and the asphalt. You may either leave the door open or indicate how the crew can gain entry, and they will close and lock the door when they are finished. It is also necessary for the crew to have a source of water to fill the rollers (they have their own hoses), so please make sure that your outside water is turned on.

Do I need to do anything after the paving is done?

Your asphalt will be the most susceptible to damage for the first 6-12 months after it is installed. Most issues are merely cosmetic in nature (slight surface scuffing from wheels turning sharply or minor indentations from sharp objects), and will fade over the next few weeks as the asphalt continues to cure.

Avoid spilling any corrosive liquids on the asphalt (such as gasoline, transmission fluid, anti freeze or oil), as they will cause damage to the surface.

If the finished edges of your asphalt are higher than the surrounding lawn, we recommend that you backfill (build up the sides with black dirt) the dirt and then seed it. Without the proper side support, the asphalt edge is more prone to cracking, particularly if a vehicle drives over the edge of the asphalt. Please be sure to backfill.

How long should I stay off the new asphalt?

We recommend that you do not drive or park the car on the asphalt for at least 2 days (3 days are better in very hot weather, because it takes longer for the heat to escape the asphalt). You may walk on the asphalt right away, but objects with sharp edges or narrow points (i.e. kickstands, automobile jacks, ladders, etc.) should not be placed on the asphalt for the first twelve months unless you put a board or steel plate under the object to displace the weight and keep it from causing an indentation in the asphalt. Try to keep very heavy vehicles (fuel trucks, concrete trucks, etc.) off the asphalt for at least one month.

What will the asphalt look like when you are finished?

Besides being black (kind of obvious), your asphalt finish may appear smoother in some areas than others. Some of these variations are caused by the physical make-up of asphalt itself (different sized stones, amount of sand and liquid asphalt, etc.) while other variations are caused by using hand tools rather than machinery in some areas. The durability of your asphalt is in no way negatively affected by these variations, but you may notice them.



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Why should I choose ASPHALT CARE to pave my drive or lot?

We are a family owned and operated company, and work diligently to ensure that your needs are met and that you are pleased with the results. Our company provides prompt, courteous service and offers high quality work at competitive prices. We are a full service asphalt company, so if your asphalt doesn't need replacement, we can seal and / or crackfill it to make it look better and last longer. We service residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal clients. Our company is fully insured, and we provide free written estimates and consultations. Our centralized location allows us to server clients throughout THE GTA (and surrounding areas).

How do I maintain my asphalt to keep it looking good for years to come?

We recommend that you seal your new asphalt after one year, and then every 2 - 4 years thereafter, depending on traffic volume and personal preference. Our company uses very high quality sealer products to ensure nice-looking and long-lasting coverage. Crack filling will probably become necessary as the drive continues to age, because of the freeze-thaw cycle it will eventually cause some minor cracking. Our experienced maintenance crews can help keep your asphalt looking great for many years to come.