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Asphalt Care specializes in driveway sealing, big or small. Our driveway sealing services are available 7 days a week.

We are also available on weekends, and holidays, as well as long weekends. Advance booking is required due to high demand on weekends and holidays.

We use boards to protect any adjacent curbs, sidewalks and so on.

We have the best prices and guarantee. 2 year guarantee

Our asphalt sealer comes with a Non Slip, Non Track, Non Peel formula.

Driveway Sealing & Repair Specials going on right now. Book by May 31/11 and we will pay the taxes. Call now for a free estimate. Or even faster, email us at & let us know how many cars can park on your driveway & in minutes we will email it to you.





We base our driveway sealing prices on how many cars can park on your driveway and or depending the size by the square feet.

For example. How many cars can park on your driveway, back to back, 2 cars or 4.

Another way is, you can measure your driveways lenght, and width and times it together, and that will be the square footage of your driveway.

Once you know this, give us a call, and will be more than happy to provide you a price. Note: Cracks and oil stains are extra so give us a call at 416-410-6060

We offer discounts to larger driveways,

We also offer group discounts. Get 3 or more on your street or within the area to seal there driveway and receive yours for less.



Step 1. Trim grass and weeds along the side of driveway if required and thae ones  growing through cracks and along the edges of sidewalks as best we can.

Step 2. Then we power clean the surface using industrial blowers. This insures proper bonding once sealer gets applied.

Step 3. Once the driveway is power cleaned, we then fill in the main cracks. Note: We charge $1 a lineer foot. The first 10' is free. Also, keep in mind that we only fix the main ones to newer driveways. If the driveway is old and has alligator cracking, we dont fill them in. Our sealer contains additives called asphalt cement  that penetrate into the asphalt craks which bonds and protects them from turning into a pothole.

Step 4. Oil Stain Removal. Main oil stains that have been left behind from your car or any spillage of other types of oils, greese etc get burned out with our special driveway torches before sealing. This insures that it wont bleed through the sealer, especially in the hot summer days. Also, it will prevent it from becoming soft and sticky.

Step 5. Once the main cracks are done, we then start the asphalt sealing process. First the surrounding edges get done and protected by a board as we spray along

Step 6. Once the cracks are done, we then seal your driveway with a heavy duty coat of pure liquid asphalt with a 2 stage overlap application. This gives it that nice thick even smooth surface.


How to Compare Driveway Sealing.

First of all we need to understand the different types of sealers. There 3 commonly used sealers which are called

Liquid Asphalt  - Water Base - acrylic

The picture below is an example of how water base and acrylic  driveway sealers looks after 6 months . After all asphalt is made out of oil, not water or plastic.

So the binding and adherance is not stable and looses it's bond in no time. Also it sits on the asphalt not allowing the asphalt to breath and resulting it to dry up and gives it that ugly alligator look. This is how you get premature driveway  cracking.

Instead with our sealer, when  its starts to fade, it's an even blend giving that nice consistant look. The picture below shows how the store products look after 6 months.

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When quality comes first, choose Asphalt Care

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 Are you selling your home? Seal your driveway. 


We use only use Pure Lquid Asphalt

Liquid asphalt has been used on asphalt driveways and parking lots since the early 40's. Proper cleaning and product application is the key to proper protection and a longer lasting seal.

We offer a written 2 year guarantee, the best in the business.

Why? Because we don't add cut back or any other by product to our sealer like most driveway sealing contractors.  We are commited to higher standards.

Note: If you have someone coming to your door and ask if you want your driveway sealed, becarefull. There has been alot of scams going on and bad after maket products be used in the GTA so they can offer you a cheaper price.

Risk Factor:

The driveway will stay sticky and track into your house or business place and gets onto kids clothes while playing outside. Also a Basket ball or any sport resulting it uses the ground get's dirty and marked.

Slippery, especially when it rains and in the winter months.

 Oil Stain removal from driveway. Burning out oil stains.

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We protect curbs, brick work, before we seal your driveway




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