Complete Asphalt Maintenance



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Looking for a few potholes to be repaired, or  leveling a few low areas in order to redirect standing water, or patching a few cracked areas, where the asphalt is starting to come apart, or patch paving a few areas in order to keep up with general maintenance. We are your #1 Choice.

Our patch work comes with a 3 year guarantee which is 2 years more than most paving companies. 

We offer free estimates 7 days a week.                              So give us a call at 416 410 6060

Video on patching over cracked asphalt




We are equipped and can handle any size of repair.             Big or Small or just 1 Area

Ever wonder why you see potholes  just repaired and the next month or so they come apart. Its because the basic steps were  ignored. Here we will expalain the proper way . First of all lets say you got a parking lot and you got a few potholes and cracked asphalt that is starting to come apart, and maybe a few low areas but the overall asphalt is still ok but you dont want to spend alot of money and you just want to maintain the parking lot, but still want a good looking repair that does not stick out like a sore thum, and that no body trips and cars dont get damaged, or worse Liability Isues. Well, we got the solution for you.

 First of all, all our repairs are neat and done in square shapes not like zig zags and most important all our pothole repairs come with a 3 year guarantee, weather the repair was done in the summer or winter. We offer a 3 year guarantee but our repairs last much longer than that and we also guarantee that no snow plows will not take them apart. 100% Guaranteed. 




We Guarantee our repairs for 3 years


Asphalt Maintenance is our speciality  


 Patching Paving over Cracked Asphalt